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Heya, I'm J-Mi! ... ok it's actually Jamie, but I still prefer to go by J-Mi in real life!

So what is this mysterious super secret page you've stumbled upon? It's a reality check, or rather, the real side of me. The artist.

Of course, I am just a big kid who likes to create music, write, sing, rap, dance, act and most of all, spread peace and love amongst people all around the world. I've been doing just that for the last two decades!

I started my journey at 16 years old in Quebec, Canada, where I fiddled around with midi's in high school, and then met my hetero life mate, Dave (aka Midi-D). We then moved onto producing a few acts, like, Captain T, Melody & Mezzo and of course, my pride and joy, J-Mi & Midi-D.

The most notable thing that people remember me from is the pop culture phenomenon known as 'Dance Dance Revolution', a dance rhythm simulation game in which you have to follow and hit the arrows on the screen to the rhythm of the music.


We had produced for over 8 versions of the game and had seemingly created a hit song called "Top The Charts" featuring the ever amazing Hanna Stockzell, who previously was a member of the Swedish bubblegum pop band, The song ended up going on to become one of the most played songs in DDR history, leading to it being featured on the "DanceDanceRevolution: Original Soundtrack Vol. 1", which was a compilation of the "best of" out of the entire DDR library at the time.

A Second minor hit "Wings Of An Angel" would also go onto becoming somewhat of a cult hit among DDR fans. It also was featured on the DDR soundtrack "DDR X3 vs. DDR 2nd Mix ~X3 SIDE~".

Konami eventually asked me and Dave to produce original loop samples for the menu's in a few DDR titles, this is a privilege that NEVER EVER happens usually with foreigners. We were extremely honored

Then of course, let's talk One of the biggest opportunities ever granted to me. I was floored that I got the chance to produce a new album with them. One song in particular, 'Koko Soko' topped the charts at number 17 in Japan with famous radio station ZIP-FM.

There's so much more to my life that I could write here, but so little time. Hopefully this little glimpse into my life was interesting. I do this purely to spread love and balance to humanity. The world is in pain and it needs help healing. I want to help.

Peace, Love & Music,

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